"Shoushi" charity foundation started the collecting process of the photos for the National Gallery of Photography in Shoushi.
We inherited in family photo-albums or in private collections, the photos of historical events, public or natural phenomenon, moments of everyday life and portraits. And very often they get spoilt because of bad conditions of storage and they take with them not only the memories of our ancestors, but also pages of our history and other important documents.
The process of photo collecting in the gallery and the organization of their restoration and the appropriate storage conditions will save from oblivion the most valuable and important documents.
"Shoushi" charity foundation, while opening a National Picture Gallery of Photography (NPGPHO), in its special website www.avetis.org, illustrates the different sides and thematic spheres of everyday and political life of the Republic of Armenia, Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh and Diaspora. Armenian communities have their special showrooms in the Picture Gallery. The Pictures devoted to the Western Armenia are being demonstrated in a separate hall.
The Picture Gallery will have a separate hall for the art photography, where the best artists can demonstrate their works.
The foundation refers to the residents of RA, NKR and Diaspora and asks to send via mail, addressed to "Shoushi" charity foundation (Armenia, 0019, Baghramian ave. 24d/710) photos, which correspond to the basic demand of NPGPHO. If it is impossible, then send their digital variants by the e-mail: bakour@avetis.org It concerns the national minorities of Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh as well.

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